ℋow it works
we fetch data from a lot of exploit databases and seclists (including cves), and from active exploit kits. so in short, the more you use it: the better it gets. the more data we obtain, the more accurate and better we get in a lot of ways. we are still in beta so we are seeing the bugs.
  1. Homepage
  2. Click "Click to perform a test" button
  3. Check/Patch your bugs (if any).

System Info

Things like this are very useful in real APT scenarios. accessing your time for instance, for a real attacker will help in a lot ways. example: if your IP address indicates you are in Korea but your time is in PST; it most likely means you either are using a proxy of Korea and is actually in California (since PST is mostly located there) or you are actually in Korea and from California. small details like this say a lot about you than you may imagine. open ports, web history, timezone, IP will be very useful in a lot of ways. its like a "whois" for client info. (fyi, there is a lot more that can be gatherd about)


We have included links that can help you update your vulnerable program(s). for example, if you are in a specific vulnerable browser & there is a patch to that, you can simply click on "Update" and you will be all patched in. =)

Exploit Free

we dont test any real exploits against your system. we simply gather data if you are vulnerable. so you shouldnt have trust issues.